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Coronavirus Boiler Installations & Repair Help

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Boiler Installation & Repair Companies Procedures During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

During this time of uncertainty and disruption due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) , DMJ Heating Services wants to keep everyone up to date with what is going on in relation to boiler installations & repairs.

We understand that boilers still need to be installed in the event of boiler breakdowns only during this Coronavirus lockdown period, so here is some information regarding what is going to happen with our recommended installers, services & repairs.

Boiler installations & repair demand has dropped dramatically since COVID-19 has struck the UK. This means that installers and companies do have a little more time on their hands to ensure correct procedures are followed to prevent the spread of the virus.

This means that they are under strict instructions to keep clean, keep their equipment clean, and to ensure they wear masks and PPE when required. They will only be able to complete work in an emergency.

Essential works & strict Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines for our boiler installers

It is essential that you tell any gas engineers prior to a visit if anyone in your property has the symptoms of Coronavirus, or are self isolating due to potentially have the infection as showing signs of having a continuous cough or a high temperature or fever.

Gas engineers have the absolute right to look after their health and safety first and will let you know prior to any visit if it is possible or not for them to attend your property for any essential work.

If you are preventatively self-isolating due to underlying health conditions or age then you should confirm with us if you are happy for a gas engineer to attend.

Installers will wear PPE (minimum of gloves and overshoes) to minimise risk to the customer/others in the property.

Rigorous hand hygiene will be undertaken and a reasonable distance should be kept to ensure the safety of everyone.

What should I do if I have a Broken Boiler during Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown?

A broken boiler is classed as an emergency.

To be deemed an emergency your boiler has to not be able to produce any hot water to either your taps, showers, or radiators.

It is possible that you may not be getting hot water to your radiators, therefore your central heating is broke and deemed an emergency.

It may be a case of that you are not getting hot water to your taps or other outlets. This is deemed an emergency.

All that is asked from gas engineers is that this is taken very seriously and it is in fact an emergency and you are without hot water.

Things that are not essential and will not be deemed an emergency:

  • Boiler services – this can wait and although required to maintain the warranty, this will be taken into consideration and can be done at a later date.
  • Low water pressure – This can be easily changed using online videos or maybe over the phone with advice.
  • Boiler Kettling – Clunking and clanging coming from your old boiler is not an emergency as long as your boiler is producing hot water.
  • Dripping Radiators – Small leaks from your radiators are not an emergency. If it is flooding your home then you will be able to call a plumber.
  • Radiator hot at the bottom, cold at the top – This is not an emergency, this can be solved by bleeding your radiators which you can do yourself with a radiator key.

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